The ‘Wizard’ Wood Fired Oven

The Horácio Clay 'Wizard' Oven is the Portuguese's own secret to a more efficient al fresco woodfired oven.

Entirely handmade, using the same methods used by Horácio when he developed the first one in 1945, each oven is unique in character.

The Wizard Oven comprises an expanded clay insulation installed in a metal frame with wheels. It is ready to operate immediately on delivery and entirely mobile so you can position it easily.

We consider it the best answer if you're seeking high-capacity, yet portable, al-fresco cooking. And it is a match made in heaven for Glamping sites, or just those who need a high-turnover of pizzas with ease.

We are delighted to be able to offer you such simplicity and versatility in an al-fresco oven. Do call if you have any particular queries about the 'Wizard'.


The ‘Wizard’ Wood Fired Oven

The Portuguese Answer to Al Fresco Cooking

This commercial woodfired pizza oven is covered under our 1-year commercial-use warranty
Product Specification
Location External
External diameter 120 | 140
Internal Diameter 100 | 120
Heat up time 30 mins
Pizza capacity (10") |
Weight 250kg | 300kg
Gas Enabledno
Buyers Say...
"… Proved the test of time!"

I purchased four wizard wood fired ovens over fifteen years ago. As the executive head chef of the leading al fresco catering company in the UK, I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas to bring to the party, and this one didn't disappoint!

Fifteen years later, and I’m still cooking from the same Wizard ovens. They have been on and off lorries and up and down the country to events far and wide. They are still in great condition and still turning out woodfired feasts and amazing pizzas.

The best thing about this oven is its internal size. The oven’s been designed to take a huge shelf ( trivet ) giving you twice as much cooking space as the average pizza oven: You get a hot spot on the floor of the oven and a super hot spot closer to the flames on the trivet.

If you’re looking at cooking more than just pizzas from a woodfired oven this is a top contender for the job. It’s equally great for banging out pizzas all day too.
The Wizard has proved the test of time. It is portable, relatively lightweight and great value for money.
I’m thinking of getting one for my garden and cladding it in to blend in with the patio.
Now there’s a good idea...

Nigel Tunnicliff, Head Chef, Blistering Events Ltd.

from £1,700.00

In Stock
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Also includes the exclusive Blistering £100 starter-pack Oven Bundle:
Wooden pizza paddle (for inserting pizza), ash shovel, metal pizza paddle (for removing pizza), log mover, oven brush, Flamers (fire lighters) and kiln dried logs.
Sussex 80

from £1,297.00 from £1,167.00

Location Outside
External diameter 800mm
Internal Diameter 600mm
Heat up time 30 mins
Pizza capacity
Weight 156 Kilos View
Sussex 100

from £2,197.00 from £1,977.00

Location Outside
External diameter 1050mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 20 minutes
Pizza capacity
Weight 260 Kilos View
commercial wood fired pizza oven
Streetfood 100

from £2,197.00 from £1,997.00

Location Outside
External diameter 1050mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 20 mins
Pizza capacity
Weight 260 Kilos View
Sheffield 120 Commercial

£2,149.00 £1,999.00 Ex-VAT

Location Inside or Outside
External diameter Bespoke
Internal Diameter 1000mm
Heat up time 40 mins
Pizza capacity
Weight 4 piece floor = 50Kg each, 2 piece oven = 120Kg each View
The Commercial BBQ Grill

£9,990.00 Ex-VAT

External diameter 1714mm x 1500mm x 782mm (H x W x D)
Internal Diameter
Heat up time
Pizza capacity
Weight 250kg View

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