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The Wizard Rotisserie Oven

The Blistering Wizard Rotisserie Woodfired Oven

The Wizard Rotisserie Oven

And now for our next trick...

Blistering is thrilled to be bringing you the Wizard Rotisserie Woodfired Oven. It is by far the most versatile and effective design we have ever come across, and it sits equally well in domestic and commercial use. In the words of our own head chef, Nigel Tunnicliff, 'Cooking with the Wizard is every chef's dream. For ease, size and flexibility, it really is the best value woodfired oven on the market.'

So whether you're seeking an oven for home garden use, or you're a commercial chef seeking something reliable to bang-out delicious pizzas all day, read on to discover why the Wizard is the one, and why your only question should be 'what size do I get?'.

NB: The Wizard comes in black as standard. Alternatively, with added cost, you can have it powder coated to a colour of your choosing. Please call us to discuss this option: 01825 714712

The Wizard Oven is made of clay (terracotta) and is insulated and encased in a strong metal jacket. It comes complete with stand, wheels and wheel brakes making it extremely mobile.

Ready to Use
After you have cured the Wizard oven for four hours on a low temperature it is ready to fire up and use straight away.

Being relatively light-weight in comparison to a concrete oven of a similar size, the Wizard Oven is ideal for horse boxes, trailers, trucks and tail lift vans.

Flexible Design
You may consider taking the oven off its stand and placing it on your own plinth. Or going one step further to build in, or clad the oven so it blends in with your garden surroundings.

Great Pizzas
The Wizard produces fabulous thin-crust pizzas in minutes. The terracotta oven floor’s heat retention is superb and the wide oven door means it’s easy to slide a pizza peel in and out.

Great for Baking Bread
With the Wizard’s tight fitting door, chimney, cut off valve and great heat retention it is an ideal oven for delicious bread-baking.

Creative Chefs Love it
Unlike the standard igloo-shaped pizza oven, the Wizard’s larger stable-style oven door and extra height inside, make it a pleasure to cook a wide variety of dishes on two levels using shelves or trivets.

Spit Roasting
The Wizard can accommodate two manual spit-roast attachments (optional) suitable for spit-roasting chickens, suckling pigs, shoulders and legs of lamb etc.

Great for Smoking
The Wizard has also been designed for hot and cold smoking with a tight fitting door and a cut off valve in the chimney to hold the smoke in the oven chamber.

Due to the Wizard’s large stable-style door, it’s a breeze to use a BBQ grill inside. You can place it directly above the embers on the floor of the oven. Great for burgers, steaks, sausages, chops etc. (Grill available to purchase separately).

With the clever use of a trivet in your oven you are able to almost double your cooking capacity making the Wizard an extremely economical oven to operate.

Garden Heater
If your Wizard Oven is for domestic use, you can enjoy the outside for longer on those nights with a chill in the air. The Wizard doubles up nicely as a garden/patio heater. After you’ve finished cooking, wheel the oven closer to your seating area, drag the fire to the front of your oven and stoke it up. With the large door wide open your guests will be thankful for it.


And Look What's Included...

We want you to hit the ground running with your new Blistering Wizard Rotisserie Oven. So as well as including a high quality powder coat finish in your chosen colour, we're bundling all these amazing accessories absolutely free to get you started...!


Fire logs starter box

£11.00 Ex-VAT

Pizza Paddle

£22.00 Ex-VAT

All Wooden Pizza Peel

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Miscanthus Firelighters

£4.49 Ex-VAT


£6.99 Ex-VAT


£12.00 Ex-VAT

Log Mover

£22.00 Ex-VAT


£20.00 Ex-VAT

Starter Bundle Value (yours FREE):
This commercial woodfired pizza oven is covered under our 1-year commercial-use warranty

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Product Specification
Location External
External diameter 84 | 94 | 104 | 114 | 124 | 134 | 144
Internal Diameter 64 | 74 | 84 | 94 | 104 | 114 | 124
Heat up time 30 mins | 40 mins
Pizza capacity (10") |
Weight 170kg | 500kg
Gas Enabledyes
Buyers Say...
"The feedback we have had from our Glampers has been amazing!"

We bought a “Wizard” wood burning oven from Blistering Woodfired Ovens for our Glamping site and it is such a success, we call it the Blistering Beast and it is everything we could have asked for and more.  The internal size is amazing and cooking Pizzas or even a Sunday Roast is so easy and straight forward.  We cannot thank Tim and Nige for their help in purchasing this oven, the customer service was excellent and nothing was too much trouble.

The feedback we have had so far, from our Glampers, has been amazing, and we are sure that this will be the same feedback for the rest of the season.

So THANK YOU guys for your amazing oven we cannot recommend you enough.

Tony and Sarah, Rankins Farm

"… Proved the test of time!"

I purchased four wizard wood fired ovens over fifteen years ago. As the executive head chef of the leading al fresco catering company in the UK, I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas to bring to the party, and this one didn't disappoint!

Fifteen years later, and I’m still cooking from the same Wizard ovens. They have been on and off lorries and up and down the country to events far and wide. They are still in great condition and still turning out woodfired feasts and amazing pizzas.

The best thing about this oven is its internal size. The oven’s been designed to take a huge shelf ( trivet ) giving you twice as much cooking space as the average pizza oven: You get a hot spot on the floor of the oven and a super hot spot closer to the flames on the trivet.

If you’re looking at cooking more than just pizzas from a woodfired oven this is a top contender for the job. It’s equally great for banging out pizzas all day too.
The Wizard has proved the test of time. It is portable, relatively lightweight and great value for money.
I’m thinking of getting one for my garden and cladding it in to blend in with the patio.
Now there’s a good idea...

Nigel Tunnicliff, Head Chef, Blistering Events Ltd.

Sussex 80 Oven


Location Outside
External diameter 800mm
Internal Diameter 600mm
Heat up time 20 mins
Pizza capacity 1 large or 2 small pizzas
Weight 156 Kilos View
Sussex 100 Oven


Location Outside
External diameter 1000mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 25 minutes
Pizza capacity 3 large or 4 small pizzas
Weight 250 Kilos View
Streetfood 100 Oven


Location Outside
External diameter 1000mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 25 mins
Pizza capacity 3 large or 4 small pizzas
Weight 250 Kilos View
Sheffield 120 Commercial Oven

£2,299.00 Ex-VAT

Location Inside or Outside
External diameter Bespoke
Internal Diameter 1000mm
Heat up time 40 mins
Pizza capacity 120: 4 large or 6 small pizzas / 140: 6 large or 8 small pizzas
Weight 4 piece floor = 50Kg each, 2 piece oven = 120Kg each View
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