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Sussex 80 Oven

Perfect for domestic al fresco cooking

Sussex 80 Oven

80cm Woodfired Pizza Oven

The Sussex 80 is a rock-solid outdoor cooking machine. Our 20 years' experience of alfresco cooking has taught us how to design the ideal 80cm woodfired pizza oven for efficient preparation of perfect pizzas and sizzling roasts. And this little beauty has it all.

It is the most compact and versatile oven in our Sussex outdoor pizza oven range. It can be portable on a wheel-based frame, but is also durable and strong enough to be fixed in place and face the elements. And with Blistering's unique colour choices you can easily blend it into your garden with style. No assembly required.

This 80cm Woodfired Pizza Oven was developed with the domestic garden in mind. Its double-quick heat up time makes it ideal for spontaneous alfresco cooking, and it suits the sporadic British weather perfectly. It will bring an exciting new dimension to balmy summer evenings, and many customers are known to fire theirs up in the winter too.

With an internal diameter of 60cm, this 80cm woodfired pizza oven will turn out large pizzas at a rate of one every ninety seconds. But it can just as easily cook two ten inch pizzas both at the same time. And it doesn't stop there - It will cook a delicious Sunday roast with all the trimmings, amazing fish dishes, breads, fruit and veg. Check out Blistering recipes if you ever need any inspiration for how to enjoy yours.

Among other pizza ovens for home use, the Blistering Sussex 80 is a true champion.

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In Stock
Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
PLUS the exclusive Blistering starter-pack Oven Bundle:

Fire logs starter box

£11.00 Ex-VAT

Long Metal Pizza Peel

£29.00 Ex-VAT

All Wooden Pizza Peel

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Miscanthus Firelighters

£4.49 Ex-VAT


£12.00 Ex-VAT

Log Mover

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Starter Bundle Value (yours FREE):
Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
Also includes the exclusive Blistering £100 starter-pack Oven Bundle:
Wooden pizza paddle (for inserting pizza), metal pizza paddle (for removing pizza), log mover, oven brush, Flamers (fire lighters) and kiln dried logs.

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Product Specification
Location Outside
External diameter 800mm
Internal Diameter 600mm
Heat up time 20 mins
Pizza capacity (10") 1 large or 2 small pizzas
Weight 156 Kilos
Gas EnabledNo
Buyers Say...
"…it really is a thing of beauty"

finally got our pizza oven up and running...we had to build a a lovely outdoor kitchen area to put our beautiful pizza oven on...I am in love really is a thing of beauty - and makes delicious pizza aswell!

Vikki Shinn

"Best thing we’ve bought in years…"

Thank goodness for our new Blistering Woodfired Pizza Oven.   Just when our lunch table was looking really sad and unoriginal, we’ve been saved!  The oven looks stunning and there is something so magical and sociable about cooking outside in the UK (all year round).  The pizzas produced taste and look amazing (and it cooks so much more … the list is endless).  We’ve had so much fun with family and friends – best thing we’ve bought in years.

Virginia Hodinett

"Friend’s oven doesn’t come close"

Just thought I'd drop you a line to update you on the performance of my oven over the summer - fantastic:  pizza, tandoori chicken, roast chickens have been flying out.  Used a friend's oven from a different manufacturer on holiday it wasn't even a close match to your ovens.  Thanks very much.

Rob White

"Looks great and performs really well"

The oven looks great and works really well in the gazebo setting. It performs very well. Pizzas are pretty well sorted and we have cooked meat in there but are yet to try anything much more adventurous.

Jim Waters

"Using it as much as we can…"

The oven is great - we've been using it as much as we can. Still trying to perfect the dough.

Rebecca Platt

"Amazing results – we love it!"

We’ve only had it one weekend and we have used it twice with amazing results - we love it!

Nick Caton

"Over the moon!"

We are over the moon with our oven and so are all of our friends

Caroline Parker

"Never order pizza out again…!"

It's a winner all round, it looks beautiful, it' cooks everything to perfection, and we have to say we will never order pizza out ever again as they are never taste as good!

Mr and Mrs Parker

"Barely touched the kitchen oven since…!"

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying cooking with the oven
Fortunately the installation coincided with the start of an Indian Summer and we have cooked on it every weekend. Barely touched the oven in the kitchen since.

Chris Scaife

"Easy to set up – absolutely love it!"

We bought our wood burning blistering oven last summer and absolutely love it! Easy to set up and first outing we had it at 400 degrees! Delicious garlic bread and pizzas. The kids loved helping with the pizzas. Onto slow roast pork next. Thanks to Tim and the team at Blistering – highly recommended!

Toby Dean

"…looks great and is always a talking point."

"I am delighted with my oven, it looks great and is always a talking point. The first pizza was definitely trial and error but keeping practicing with different foods really helped me produce a delicious meal for six (garlic prawns, jerk chicken and roast veg). It just takes practise making full use of the space available."

Anne Davies

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