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Sheffield 120 Commercial Oven

Six pizzas every two minutes!

Size Upgrade Available

Features our unique steelfibre-strengthened concrete base for lasting heat-resistant durability.

Sheffield 120 Commercial Oven

120cm Woodfired Pizza Oven

This master blaster was built with strength, durability and sheer power in mind. The Sheffield is our 120cm commercial woodfired pizza oven for pubs, clubs and restaurants... And is designed for high-volume eating!

Its cavernous metre-wide heating area is covered by a specially formulated 10cm concrete shell. The materials were researched and chosen for strength and rigidity, so you can be sure it will perform like a powerhouse, banging out delicious dishes in your busy pub garden.  But remember, its not just limited to outdoor use either. With a safe flue outlet you can fit The Sheffield indoors too.

If its pizzas you're doing, it will do six ten inchers every ninety seconds. And this chunky devil can do so much more than just pizzas: Let your imagination run wild, and treat your guests to all the variety available when you have the Blistering Sheffield 120 in your armoury. If you need any inspiration, check out our recipes page, and get regular updates on our newest Blistering dishes as soon as they're published.

The Sheffield 120 incorporates the unique Blistering insulation system. This ensures optimum cooking temperature for long periods, and a speedy heat-up time of 45-60 mins, depending on the weather. If there were a ratio for measuring authenticity in cooking, to speed of preparation, to efficiency of heat, this puppy would be top of the tree.

So treat your guests to a 120cm commercial woodfired pizza oven from Blistering: With a 1-year warranty as standard, The Sheffield 120 is built to be best in class.

Technical Diagram

£2,199.00 Ex-VAT

In Stock

Size Upgrade

Upgrade your Sheffield 120 to the massive 140cm version

Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
PLUS the exclusive Blistering starter-pack Oven Bundle:

Woodfired Oven BBQ Grill

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Fire logs starter box

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Long Metal Pizza Peel

£29.00 Ex-VAT

All Wooden Pizza Peel

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Miscanthus Firelighters

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£12.00 Ex-VAT

Log Mover

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Starter Bundle Value (yours FREE):
Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
Also includes the exclusive Blistering £130 starter-pack Oven Bundle:
Wooden pizza paddle (for inserting pizza), metal pizza paddle (for removing pizza), log mover, oven brush, Flamers (fire lighters) and kiln dried logs.

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Product Specification
Location Inside or Outside
External diameter Bespoke
Internal Diameter 1000mm
Heat up time 40 mins
Pizza capacity (10") 120: 4 large or 6 small pizzas / 140: 6 large or 8 small pizzas
Weight 4 piece floor = 50Kg each, 2 piece oven = 120Kg each
Gas Enabledyes
Buyers Say...
"Great follow up service and superb directions on how to get the best out of it"

Am lucky enough to have been given a Blistering Wood Fired oven for my 50th birthday and it now takes pride of place in my garden.  Great follow up service and superb directions on how to get the best out of it.  Obviously makes the best pizzas you have ever eaten, but is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything.  Flavour is to die for.

David Watt

"… paid for itself multiple times over!"

We would really have struggled to kick start our business without Blistering Wood Fired Ovens. From the first conversations with Tim, the advice has been second to none and the XL Trailer Oven that we ordered has been the perfect fit for us as a start up street food business; so much so that we subsequently ordered a second oven after only 2 months of trading. It is worth noting that the second oven was ordered at incredibly short notice and the guys were able to sort us out perfectly. We would without doubt recommend Blistering for anyone thinking of taking pizza to the streets like ourselves, it's a genuine no brainer and the oven has paid for itself multiple times over!

Finlay Clarkson | Pizza Geeks

"Authentic, bubbling and delicious"

Our state of the art Pizza Oven from Blistering not only looks amazing but its an extraordinary feature to add an exciting dimension to any party or gathering. The pizzas we make in this oven are totally authentic, bubbling and delicious creating the most delicious taste and aroma with an attending chef delivering a theatrical pizza service; in and out of the oven within 2 minutes and large enough to serve 4 healthy street food portions! Yum!

Bjorn – We Are Ravenous

"Quite simply the best of its kind."

Here at The Griffin we have won many awards over the years for our summer barbecues, overlooking "The Sussex Serengeti"! However this summer we invested in a wood oven from "Blistering" and it immediately transformed our outside menu. We previously had built our own wood-oven in brick, but the efficiency, economy and indeed mobility of the Blistering oven put our home-spun effort to shame. Aside from the obvious benefits of wood-infused flavours raising the game of any dish, it has enabled us to run a full A La Carte menu entirely from our outside kitchen. It is quite simply the best of its kind that we have seen – and we've looked at plenty over the years.

James Pullan | The Griffin Inn, Fletching

Sussex 80 Oven


Location Outside
External diameter 800mm
Internal Diameter 600mm
Heat up time 20 mins
Pizza capacity 1 large or 2 small pizzas
Weight 156 Kilos View
Sussex 100 Oven


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External diameter 1000mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 25 minutes
Pizza capacity 3 large or 4 small pizzas
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Internal Diameter 800mm
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Pizza capacity 3 large or 4 small pizzas
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The Wizard Rotisserie Oven

from £1,599.00

Location External
External diameter 84 | 94 | 104 | 114 | 124 | 134 | 144
Internal Diameter 64 | 74 | 84 | 94 | 104 | 114 | 124
Heat up time 30 mins | 40 mins
Pizza capacity |
Weight 170kg | 500kg View
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