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Streetfood 100 Oven

Output three pizzas every ninety seconds!

Features our unique steelfibre-strengthened concrete base for lasting heat-resistant durability.

Streetfood 100 Oven

100cm Commercial Woodfired Pizza Oven

When it comes to high-frequency artesian cooking to order, you need a strong performer: Introducing our our 100cm commercial woodfired pizza oven, the Streetfood 100.

This is the first choice for our own alfresco catering company, Blistering Events, and has quickly become the go-to oven for other high-ranking pubs and eateries up and down the UK. Blistering's reputation as the UK's leading supplier of outdoor catering wasn't earned without learning precisely what is needed to deliver top-level quality and quantity at the same time. The results of the Streetfood 100 are, quite simply, astounding. They are everything we ever strived for before we designed and built this baby...

The specifics: Streetfood 100

This woodfired pizza oven has an 80cm cooking floor. It can do three 10" pizzas, or two 12" pizzas at the same time, and have them all ready in just ninety seconds. The quantity and speed at which you can produce stunning authentic food in this oven will amaze you. It is the ideal workhorse for any mobile or outdoor catering business. Plus, with our 1-year warranty, and assurance that this beast is built to last, you can have its costs covered in a blink and enjoy the gravy for a long time to come...

What you cook in your Streetfood 100 is entirely up to you, and your customers. We can help and advise if you wish, not only with its speedy supply and installation, but also with inspired recipe ideas, cooking tips and operational advice as and how you need it.

If you're serious about making headway with outdoor catering, be sure to equip yourself with the best in class: The Streetfood 100.


Technical Diagram
Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
PLUS the exclusive Blistering starter-pack Oven Bundle:

Fire logs starter box

£11.00 Ex-VAT

Long Metal Pizza Peel

£29.00 Ex-VAT

All Wooden Pizza Peel

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Miscanthus Firelighters

£4.49 Ex-VAT


£12.00 Ex-VAT

Log Mover

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Starter Bundle Value (yours FREE):
Door, chimney, cowl and oven thermometer
Also includes the exclusive Blistering £130 starter-pack Oven Bundle:
Wooden pizza paddle (for inserting pizza), metal pizza paddle (for removing pizza), log mover, oven brush, Flamers (fire lighters) and kiln dried logs.

Proud suppliers to all these fine establishments...

Product Specification
Location Outside
External diameter 1000mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 25 mins
Pizza capacity (10") 3 large or 4 small pizzas
Weight 250 Kilos
Gas Enabled
Buyers Say...
"Service – second to none, Product – amazing"

The hotel was holding its 2nd Gin-fest in July so we wanted to up the anti and decided this year we would offer wood fired pizzas along with our other food options. After much research we decided to go with Blistering Wood fired Ovens and to say we were thrilled would be the understatement of the year. Superb friendly service from Tim who talked us through the options and advised us which oven to go with. It is fantastic - we served over 1300 people over three days of the Gin-fest - fast, delicious and cost effective - perfect! We have now decided to offer pizzas as something different to our wedding bookings - the take up has been tremendous! I would recommend Tim's ovens to anyone, and have already over this summer. Service - second to none, Product - amazing and the pizzas Yummy yummy yummy!

Sean Evans

"Your oven looks brilliant and we couldn’t be more pleased!"

Your oven looks brilliant and we couldn't be more pleased!

Thanks for all of your help in getting this sorted for us.

Laura, The Village Stores Hartington

"Extremely fast speed to operating temperature."

Blistering ovens are a British company that manufacture superb high quality, and stunningly visible ovens at a reasonable price I purchased my Streetfood 80 oven over 12 months ago now and have utilised it outside my Delicatessen every Monday The speed in which it gets up to operating temperature (400 degrees C) is extremely fast and the amount of wood it consumes is very low I cannot praise Tim and Team Blistering enough. They have supported my business, offering invaluable advice. Blistering are far more than just a company I purchased an oven from, they have become part of the La Coppola Delicatessen family. Quality in mind. Thank you so much.

David Mason | La Coppola

"The best pizzas people have ever tasted!"

Oven is fantastic and a real eye catcher and the pizzas coming out of it are the best people have ever tasted! Think it's fair to say that the oven turns heads almost as much as the converted horse box itself! There's something magical about children watching this big lump of an oven cooking their favourite pizzas while they wait they're just mesmerised by the flames!

Jamie Curran | Pizza Box

Sussex 80 Oven


Location Outside
External diameter 800mm
Internal Diameter 600mm
Heat up time 20 mins
Pizza capacity 1 large or 2 small pizzas
Weight 156 Kilos View
Sussex 100 Oven


Location Outside
External diameter 1000mm
Internal Diameter 800mm
Heat up time 25 minutes
Pizza capacity 3 large or 4 small pizzas
Weight 250 Kilos View
Sheffield 120 Commercial Oven

£2,299.00 Ex-VAT

Location Inside or Outside
External diameter Bespoke
Internal Diameter 1000mm
Heat up time 40 mins
Pizza capacity 120: 4 large or 6 small pizzas / 140: 6 large or 8 small pizzas
Weight 4 piece floor = 50Kg each, 2 piece oven = 120Kg each View
The Wizard Rotisserie Oven

from £1,599.00

Location External
External diameter 84 | 94 | 104 | 114 | 124 | 134 | 144
Internal Diameter 64 | 74 | 84 | 94 | 104 | 114 | 124
Heat up time 30 mins | 40 mins
Pizza capacity |
Weight 170kg | 500kg View
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