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Applies to Pizza and Oven Accessories; Hand Forged Tools; Fire Logs and Lighters

Pizza and Oven Accessories
Hand Forged Tools
Fire logs and Lighters
Covers and stands

Woodfired Oven BBQ Grill

Simple, yet so ingenious. This self-standing grill sits above the coals in your wood-fired oven and cooks your food to perfection.

Select small for the Sussex 80 oven, and large for all others.

from £49.99 from £44.99

2 x 45cm Wizard Rotisserie Skewers

Make the most of your Blistering Wizard Oven with these 45cm rotisserie skewers.

The door is equipped with a special holding device to keep them in place for manual turning.

(suitable for the Wizard Rotisserie Oven only).







£120.00 Ex-VAT

Pizza Paddle

The vital tool for removing your pizza from the hottest part of the oven.

Measures 87cm long with a 31cm width paddle.

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Long Metal Pizza Peel

The all metal answer to removing pizzas from your oven.

Measures 155cm long with a 20cm peel.

£29.00 Ex-VAT

All Wooden Pizza Peel

The authentic way to place your pizza in the oven. Measures 92cm/ 32cm

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Forged Puffing Billy

Get your fire going just how you want it with this authentic 65cm forged puffing billy.

£39.00 Ex-VAT


Important for keeping the oven base clean from ash. 103cm length

£12.00 Ex-VAT

Log Mover

Keep your logs where you want them, like a pro. 100cm length

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Fire Grate

Perfect for keeping the fire where you want it

from £20.00

Single Long Handled Pan

Expand your woodfired repertoire with one of these specially formed pans.

Both are 41cm long. Choose your preferred pan size or get both sizes.

from £35.00

Pair of Long Handled Pans

Cook like a king with these speciality wood-fired-oven pans.

Here you get both sizes - 24cm diameter and 34cm diameter. Both are 41cm long.

£70.00 Ex-VAT

Lifting Tongs

Designed for ease of lifting the Sussex and Streetfood ovens.

£30.00 Ex-VAT


Give your woodfired oven an extra layer of cooking space.

50cm long x 36cm wide x 9cm high

Not suitable for the Sussex 80 Oven.

£20.00 Ex-VAT

Slate Pizza Plate

Perfect for presenting your pizzas

£34.00 Ex-VAT

Mango Wood Pizza Board

An authentic addition for cutting pizza on.

£29.95 Ex-VAT

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