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Christmas Hand Forged Tools Bundle

Keep your long tongs within reach


This handy set of solid forged tools are just what's needed to master the art of wood-fired cooking.

The set comprises of the forged tongs, forged skewers, forged puffing billy and the forged spatula.



Puffing billy for the perfect fire

Available at a promotional discount for a short time only, and with a monster saving of 25% OFF the RRP, these essentials make the perfect Christmas present.


A forged spatula has multiple uses

£148.00 £114.99 Ex-VAT

Woodfired Oven Tongs

When you need to move items around in the heat. these 45cm forged tongs are great for the purpose.


£35.00 £31.50 Ex-VAT

Forged Puffing Billy

Get your fire going just how you want it with this authentic 65cm forged puffing billy.

£39.00 £35.10 Ex-VAT

Four Forged Skewers

One each for four people.

£39.00 £35.10 Ex-VAT

Long Handled Spatula

The perfect implement for moving and turning in your Woodfired Oven

£35.00 £31.50 Ex-VAT

Six Forged Skewers

Forged and hardened for wood-fired-oven cooking

£55.00 £49.50 Ex-VAT

Single Long Handled Pan

Expand your woodfired repertoire with one of these specially formed pans.

Both are 41cm long. Choose your preferred pan size or get both sizes.

from £25.00 from £22.50

Pair of Long Handled Pans

Cook like a king with these speciality wood-fired-oven pans.

Here you get both sizes - 18cm diameter and 34cm diameter. Both are 41cm long.

£55.00 £49.50 Ex-VAT

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